Hmmm.. wordpress seems to have changed formats….

I cannot find my old “dashboard” for writing my posts. Sometimes I think technology makes too many changes, just for the sake of changing. 

Anyhow – 70 degree weather here. Not unusual to have a January thaw. We have pictures almost every January of a warm day and everyone out doing yard work. I spent much of the weekend turning the garden and weeding all the veggie beds – the cold hits hard by Tuesday, so hopefully all the weed seeds will freeze and we will be all set for spring planting. (Trying to enter picture here, but fills the entire text box – cannot get past the picture to go on with my tale… very frustrating. Where is my old dashboard!)



Found some potatoes when digging through. 


And some lovely carrots, that Peter Rabbit and Benjamin Bunny had nibbled the tops off….

There were also some enormous radishes – these are baseball size compared to the carrots which were a nice size, but not huge. Fed the radishes to the chickens, which made them happy. 


Dug up and ready to go!







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