Making progress

The round river rock came in, and work recommenced on the fireplace.

Arched area - arch matches the one to the hallway.
Arched area – arch matches the one to the hallway.

P1010229See the hooks? We had collected some blacksmith forged hooks at various fairs and decided to embed the 5 we had into the wall of rock to hang stockings on at Christmas, or vases during the off months.

See pacman rock?
See pacman rock?


P1010231Some of the small rocks were from our personal collection. With three boys, we have collected rocks from all over. Hidden in this fireplace surround is a rock from our original foundation, some moonstones from moonstone beach, the rock above which middle son found in the field and thought was a meteor…it isn’t, but looks like it could be… and other rocks from camping trips, hikes, etc.

P1010237Here is the full effect as of Friday. The stone floor has been put in. The wood edging has since been stained and sanded and stained again by the hubbler. Today the masons are wirebrushing and washing it all down to get the grout/mortar cleaned up. Then hubbler and pal will restretch and replace the carpet.

P1010236The spaces under the hearth are for wood storage. The woodstove will be installed Tuesday… and hopefully running by Tuesday night when we expect temps to fall into the teens.

P1010235Love the bookshelf space under the window – and am dying to get my plants back onto the shelf there, and books set up below, and the chairs put back in place… reading in front of the fire to commence soon!





From some sketches I had made, and some picks I had seen on the internet, to my husband managing the mason and building/designing as we went, the project has turned out just like we had hoped. It was well worth the wait to get the right rock, and develop the idea. Finished pics next weekend, I hope.

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