New knitting….

I have so many UFO’s I need to be dealing with… and the start of a new semester and 3 boys and, and, and… it doesn’t seem like I should be starting something new.

But friends of ours have been on a long quest to have a baby – a long quest, that turned to adoption, and has seen almost babies… but nothing going through all the way. Until now. They got the call they were selected, went to meet the mother, said yes, she went into early labor and boom.. instant parenthood and a NICU baby.

All is well – baby is now in her new home. But any new child needs something made with love to surround him or her, and I wanted to send something to them.




I love vintage baby knits. This project is ravelled here.  The pattern is a vintage pattern made available here, at Vintage Purls.

As I said, I love vintage things… would love to have lots of pillowcases with this lovely knit edging, linked here.

This is a small vest and little pants to go with it. I love how the yarn knits up in this cute pattern. Should be a nice thing to keep a tiny baby warm. Need to get it mailed soon!

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