Fishing flies

The lunch bag wasn’t our only contribution to the auction.

Middle son, fishing fly
Middle son, fishing fly

P1010900 P1010901

My sons are avid fishermen. We live on a large pond that they have fished in since they were small. Their uncle works at a state fish hatchery and lives in the mountains and can help them access the best trout fishing whenever they want. The middle and youngest sons have become enamored of fly fishing and fly tying, and the middle son decided to make a set of flies for the auction.

This is the description he wrote up that went with his flies:

Hand- Tied Flies

A practical collection of hand tied, stream tested flies. Among them are:

2 Wooly Buggers: one black with a tungsten bead head, and one brown with black accents. These are subsurface flies, created to sink quickly in order to fish for larger fish in deeper places. They are a staple in any serious fly-fisherman’s arsenal of flies

 1 Little Rock Nymph: An original creation created to mimic a nymph commonly found in trout streams in Western NC. This pattern has caught many trout and is ideal for fishing slower moving, shallow water.

1 Modified Elk-Hair Caddis: Tied with a parachute hackle, this dry fly is designed to resemble a hatching Caddis Fly which is a favorite food of many trout species. Sealed with a dry fly sealant spray for better flotation.

1 Poly Winged Olive Spinner: A dry fly made to imitate many species of mayflies. This pattern has been around for decades and is time-tested. Sealed with a Dry Fly Sealant Spray for better flotation.

1 Parachute Adams: Another time-tested trout fly, tied with a parachute hackle for better flotation and a bright white post for good visibility. Sealed with a Dry Fly Sealant Spray for better flotation.

1 Roaring Creek Slammer: An original high-riding, dry fly made to resemble an insect found on Roaring Creek. This pattern has caught many fish in Western NC. Tied with tinsel in the wing to give the fly a little flash. Sealed with a Dry Fly Sealant Spray for better flotation.

Here everything is ready for auction. We used leftover lunch bag material to cover the lid of the box…


Finished product, ready for auction
Finished product, ready for auction

P1020435And who is the proud owner of these flies now? The man about the place couldn’t resist, so he won the auction for the flies and all the guys are looking forward to spring fishing!


One thought on “Fishing flies

  1. I’m intrigued at the thought of living on a pond. I imagine you on an island, using a rowing boat to access the mainland. But I’m probably wrong…

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