Spring Break, garden 2

The veggie garden has been slow to get going. Everything has been slow to get going. Here is a post from a year ago, with irises in bloom, and lots of flowers blooming. None of that is even close to being ready this year.


And here is where we were in late  MARCH of last year:



Compare the pea pictures to this year:



And the spinach and lettuce are still infantile…. carrots barely sprouting. Radishes just barely above the surface. Incredible what a warm spring we had last year – and by contrast, what a cold spring we have had this year.

Heaps of weeds
Heaps of weeds


Unfortunately, it hasn’t slowed the weeds. I did manage to pull out the weeds between the bricks… looks so much nicer now.

P1020579A different pile, and there was a third. Just to show you the amazing way weeds can survive all.

There are some tiny points of asparagus peeking out. And I went ahead and planted some kale and swiss chard. In long sleeves, and a scarf. Brrr……






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