Spring Break

There have been some signs of spring this past week. I love being home at this time of year so I can enjoy all these subtle changes.

P1020606The pussy willow has started to leaf out.

P1020597The cherry tree outside my office bloomed.

Flowering cherry
Flowering cherry


Flowering cherry
Flowering cherry

The weeping cherry has also flowered. It hasn’t looked in the best of health since the old house burned down -but it came back this year, so we continue to enjoy its beauty.




And of course, the violas/johnny jump-ups/pansies are always heartening.  Not sure which these are… I think they are too big for johnny jump ups and too small for pansies.. so maybe these are violas? I suspect they are all part of the same family – so maybe it doesn’t matter. All I know is, they certainly are cheerful.



3 thoughts on “Spring Break

    1. Yes Isabelle – it is a fun story to tell, because I can say, “After we burned the house down….”. But the good news is we built a new house to replace a falling down farmhouse we had lived in for 13 years. Once the new house was up, we gave the old house to the local volunteer fire stations, and they used it as a training exercise. Here is the House burning day: https://willowcaroline.wordpress.com/2010/02/23/the-controlled-burn-on-the-house-went-well/ and I have an entire blog devoted to the building of the new house/burning of the old house: http://rmlamb.wordpress.com/2010/02/19/house-roasting/. There are some quite dramatic pictures, and it really made me grateful that there are men and women out there that volunteer to fight fires – we were glad we could help with their training.

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