Kudzu Bugs – Uggg

P1080011It looks like we could have an early June crop of figs. But when I went to look them over….

P1080012I found them covered in bugs. Some research and a neighbors help resulted in finding out they are kudzu bugs.

P1080017P1080018Information from the NC Cooperative Extension service indicates they may not harm the figs, but they are harmful to legume and soybean crops. Here is more info. and here.

Bottom line, the middle son and I spent some time Friday night with a large 5 gallon bucket of soapy water, brushing them off. They do smell! We also poured some soapy water into a large garbage bag and tried to insert upper branches into it, shake the insects down into the water – both methods were somewhat successful. We may just try to find a sprayer to spray soapy water over the bushes. Uggg!


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