Summer is here – finally.

Last day of work – June 14th – and now we have summer break. But even before break begins, this is what June has held:

  • Final exams
  • Clean up and wrap up of school year.
  • End of season baseball banquets and tournaments.
  • A serious amount of rain. Our state no longer has anyone in any sort of drought – yeah – but the ground is saturated!
  • Hosted retirement party for our head of department on the last day, at my home.
  • P1090445Sent middle child to Guatemala to work with Safe Passage. He arrives home on the 16th.
  • Sent the man about the place with the youngest son for a week of boy scout camp…much fun was had.
  • Sent the man about the place with the youngest son to a weekend baseball tournament in Wilmington. Go HAWKS!
  • Had shoulder evaluated (Frozen shoulder) and painful steroid shot – now working on exercising before get sent to orthopedist.. ugg.

So what is next? Lining up the next knitting projects, whipping the veg garden into better shape, clearing some cupboards for the summer clean… Baseball camp (one working, one participating), an IB World Conference for middle boy, workshops for me (Common Core)… and hopefully a little more time to exercise and relax and heal and revive for the next school year.


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