Summer sewing

A year ago,  I made myself a lunch bag – and have enjoyed it very much. You can see the lunch bag here.

During the past year, I decided to make one for a fundraising Gala because so many people at work had liked mine. See that one here. At that time, I decided the lunch bag would be better a little bigger, and I found someone on the interwebs who had worked out all the measurements. I really liked how the bigger one turned out, and the person that bought it at auction has really enjoyed using it.

So, I decided to make myself another one, but the bigger size. SO here is lunch bag 3.


P1100088Old bag and new bag side by side size comparison… the new one will hold the water bottles, the bento box, or any number of things all at once!

P1100092I love the top cover that cinches everything inside.P1100090I did add a pocket on the outside of the front – for chapstick, kleenex, utensils –

Pocket detail
Pocket detail

P1100093The added pocket does make the front of the bag a bit “busy” – but I can live with that. The back of the bag is a little more coordinated looking.

Here is the original online tutorial for the small size bag –

And here is the blog where the large bag measurements are listed:

I still plan to make some coordinating reusable lunch baggies and napkins for the new bag.. like I did for the Gala bag. But that is for next week.




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