Garden Fail in July

This has been a tricky garden season.

Firstly, the spring was very very cool for our area. April came and went and it still was too cool for many things. Then May came, with finals and so forth, which meant I wasn’t in the garden too much – and it was still cool. And then came June, and it hasn’t stopped raining.

We had 8 inches of rain alone LAST WEEK. Our summers are usually hot and dry. Not this year.

SO – the tomatos are unhappy, and are suffering from disease. Ugg.

P1100154Usually, the counter is full of tomatoes – this is all I could get today:



The kale is now done – eaten into a lacy mess by some insect.


P1100156The carrots have been slow to fill out – and then again, there is the rabbit eating the tops off constantly – not sure that is helping.

There are some upsides to all this:

P1100149Right now the squash are doing okay – not gangbusters or anything, but coming along.

P1100159And there are lots of flowers – they have been quite happy with all the rain.

P1100165P1100160-001We have a ton of bumble bees, and some honey bees from my father in laws hives – but they were scarce this cool spring. Glad to see them now.

Sorry - didn't know you were not finished yet....
Sorry – didn’t know you were not finished yet….

Oh, and besides the fact that we have had a ton of rain – we are supposed to get another 2 – 3 inches in the next couple of days, and THEN maybe Hurricane Chantal may come our way as well. Hmmm. Time to start dreaming of fall gardening.


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