Another finished quilt project

Once again, I cannot believe how long it takes me to finish things up. During the school year, there is only room for work, and housework, and boy activities…. and precious little other time. I started this table runner in Jan 2012. It has been hanging over a door and folded up in a box since then, needing quilting and binding. You can see the beginnings of it here:

P1100174I love the wonky stripes. I chose to play with my machine and tried a different machine quilting pattern in each stripe. Considering I did no practice, and am a total newbie, I was very pleased with the results. Yes, the stitches have varying lengths and the patterns show I wasn’t completely used to how to make it flow – but I jumped right in and now have a fun springy quilted table runner.


I chose the colors to go with the crazy green wall color of my kitchen. The light we get in the kitchen is so perfect for this green at all times of day and in all seasons. I just love this green.

P1100179The runner matches some ‘mug rugs’ I made.

P1100173I had bought some binder clips a while back, and finally tried them out. I really liked using them, although at least one immediately sprang apart and had to be thrown away. Hopefully the others will hold up better, as I can see myself using these frequently.

P1100177You might be able to see some of the patterns I tried. In the solid sections, I played with designs – flowers, ferns, etc. In the polka dot sections I tried to play off the circles – some more successfully than others.



P1100172And here are some views of the back side.



P1100169Probably the biggest issue at this point is keeping all the layers together and smooth to prevent bunching as I move the piece about under my machine. I did no basting on this – of any kind – and it shows. It is in the washing machine as I type, so hopefully the bunching will disappear a bit as the layers do their thing with the batting. Not that it matters terribly for this project – as the back isn’t really going to be seen.

All in all, a pretty good first attempt!







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