We have one less teen in the house….

For a short period of time, we have only one teen in the house. On the 14th, the eldest turned 20. It is so hard for me to comprehend having a 20 year old.

He asked for a surf and turf recipe from pioneer woman: Surf and turf Cajun Pasta which I made in 3 different forms – one with cajun seasoning for the older 2 boys, one without the seasoning for the husband (Crones disease) and the youngest, and one without any dairy for the youngest. All in all the birthday boy was very satisfied with it – it was spicy enough to make him happy.

He also asked for a pineapple upside cake. For years my mother in law claimed it was my husband’s favorite birthday cake – and for years my husband let her do it, even though it wasn’t his favorite, but his brother’s. It was kind of a laugh in our family for a few years until he finally reminded her she had the wrong brother. In any case, the cake didn’t last long.

P1100984The birthday boy got a gas card and an auto parts card and some sort of injection cleaner – being a car owner is expensive. So this was much appreciated. And the husband took him out on a fishing trip, which was very much enjoyed!


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