Minion Cake Pops

The middle son will soon be 17, and the youngest son and I decided to make him some Minion Cake Pops because  – well, you just have to know our middle son.

It started with Bakerella – she is just so talented. Here is her version of the minion cake pop. We used a lemon cake and lemon icing to make ours. We had never done cake pops, but she has basic directions that are easy to follow and we had no trouble with the making of the pops themselves.


But I had also seen these on Pinterest, and this video tutorial made me think we could do them no problem.  The woman doing this tutorial has an entire You Tube Channel: Mycupcakeaddiction….

The video is very clear, and the means of decoration made me feel my 12 year old could do alot of it, so we followed her guidelines.

P1110006A couple of tips from our making of the cake pops….

  • You need enough space to stand up your cake pops… we had a square of styrofoam we thought was large enough, but we did have trouble banging into not dry cake pops. A cake will make about 48 pops, and they need space for you to reach between them and place them in the foam. We found when a stage was dry – for example all the blue pants were done and dry, we could lay down the pops on wax paper and start with an empty square.
  • You really want fluid candy melts. Watch the video and notice when she bangs the cup to settle the candy melts. It took us a try or two to get the right consistency – and we ended up adding Crisco per the instructions on the candy melt bag, and it was also mentioned in the video.
  • We used store bought eyes, but really liked the rim around the eyes she made in the video from candy necklace pieces. So we put a dot of chocolate on the dried yellow cake pop and then pressed the white candy eye into it – same effect achieved.
  • We did hair, eyes, and face- but called it quits when it came to arms and hands. At that point, the 12 year old boy was done, and so was I.

P1100998P1110008P1110009P1110012P1110011P1110014Yes – there is a three eyed Minion – youngest son’s creation. And the middle son was thrilled and ready to eat them all. Alas, he is having to wait until after dinner.


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