The blog world…

I have never had a huge following on my blog. I write mainly for my own memory. But I have a large number of blogs I followed… some blogs were full of inspiring ideas, some blogs mirrored women living lives similar to mine, some blogs were followed because the life of the writer was vastly different than mine, and intrigued me. I followed knit blogs and quilt blogs and garden blogs and sewing blogs – all because these are my favorite hobbies. Some blogs I followed for the pictures, not the writing. Others for the writing. 

Then I went back to work full time. My blogging time was cut, my following time was cut. My mothering and hobby time changed direction. I worked hard trying to find a balance. I gradually became in infrequent poster.But that was okay – I still had blogs to follow. 

But these days, there are few of those bloggers that still write. First was the jumo to ravellry for the knit bloggers. I LOVE ravellry for all it does. But it isn’t the same as the blog posts on a knit bloggers blog about a newly finished project. Elsewhere, life has given way to instagram and twitter and sitting down to write a full blog post seems to be a thing of the past for many blog writers. This makes me sad, because while those photos are lovely, they just aren’t the same as the window you get into a person’s life when they share a blog post. 

But such is the world of the internet – constantly evolving, often before we know how to cope with it. I clearly remember scoffing at the man about the place when he suggested we get internet in our first townhouse – what would we need internet for? And now – if it goes down, I panic and wonder how I will survive. 

The impetus for blogging for me was often having read a blog somewhere else that sparked a thought or a comment or a desire to share my own experience. A little bit like having a dialogue, even though it wasn’t a real conversation. But it was reacting to what others posted. Someone completed a sweater, so I would post my progress on my latest knitting project. Someone would share a family favorite recipe, and that would remind me that I had wanted to make my grandmother’s cookies. Etc. Now, with that dialogue mostly gone, I need to find my own reasons for blogging, primarily to help remember all the thousands of moments that occur in our busy life. And I still cherish those that are blogging on a regular basis. I still have a blog reader that I check every couple of days, hoping to see posts from some of my favorites. Feeling relief when someone checks in after a bit of an absence. Keep blogging people. Your posts go great with my tea break!


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