Last Friday of summer break

What a summer it has been. Some highlights:

** The weather – we had some warm days in late May, in June – but not many! We have had a very mild, lovely summer. We have also had some decidedly Novemberish days of cool and rainy. The upshot is that we arrive at the end of the summer with lush green lawns, a full pond, an idle air conditioner – no complaints from me. Days of full sun for outdoor fun, and then days of grey for cozy inside jobs. Lovely, lovely.

** College visiting accomplished. The man about the place took the our middle son on a tour of potential schools, and the youngest went along for the ride. Leaving NC, they covered 5000 miles in 2 weeks, camping along the way. Columbia, Johns Hopkins, Swarthmore, Roger Williams, Cornell, University of Washington St. Louis… and drumroll.. the favorite of the trip – University of Vermont. It was an epic father/sons trip, with fishing and camping and eating in tiny local places, seeing schools, attending 2 baseball camps, attending a Yankees game and taking in the view from the top of the St. Louis arch….It helped clarify what he liked and didn’t like, and how he envisions baseball fitting into the college picture. And he finished his Honors Chem course along the way, some nights at the highest point of a campground to get good signal to submit assignments. We have a tough senior year ahead – and a couple of schools still to visit and consider. But clarity is coming.

**I had a 2 week staycation. The oldest was home, but is mostly at work – where he eats. So for 2 weeks I had no schedule to follow, no meals to cook, no boys to drive anywhere. I worked on school work mainly, but attempted to achieve a balance to my days – something healthy for me (a run, walk, good calorie control), something fun (a favorite TV program, a swim in the pond, stitching something, visiting a favorite store), something housework related (drawer cleanout, closet cleanout, dusting… it never ends), something useful (filling out school forms, paying bills, running errands for the man about the place while he was gone), something school related (working on pacing guides, and lessons and emailing with students working on summer assignments, and training – oh, the training… three required this summer!) – It was an interesting time. I enjoyed it very much, and felt myself unwinding in a way I haven’t for years. And by the time they drove back in the driveway I had a greater appreciation for all that they are, and all that I have been blessed with, and a better toleration of the dirt and noise they bring with them. Rejuvenation!

For this last day – man at work, oldest at work, middle one at school for Dream team planning, youngest planning to help grandma next door with work around her house. I am heading in to get my back to school hair cut, then on to by back to school underwear and maybe some new shoes and do my last fun thing of the summer – visit the fabric store. Then home to finish up school work, prep a literacy presentation I give Monday at our back to school faculty meeting (Math teacher presents importance of literacy!!!) and just enjoy this last carefree weekend.


2 thoughts on “Last Friday of summer break

  1. University of Vermont!! If you end up coming this way, you must let me know. Burlington is such a great college town. We may end up moving there once Liz is in college.

    1. Yes – he loved it there. He is interested in wildlife biology and feels it would have a good program…He is also looking at some other schools, but I think U of V really stole his heart when he was there this summer!

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