Hello there… still alive….

The fall semester has been flying by. I have 4 preps this year – IB Mathematics I and II, and IB Math Studies I and II – needless to say I am either teaching, tutoring, or creating lessons. Mothering and housewifing come next – sometimes I find “me” time.

Big news: The eldest child moved out. He turned 21, and decided it was time to find his own place – he works 40 hours a week and goes to night school three nights a week and it trying to find his niche. So he moved out in October – not that he was around much anyway –but it is still a big step.

Second Big News: Middle son got his first college acceptance. He was so thrilled to get early acceptance to University of Vermont. He is waiting to hear from the following: Swarthmore, Johns Hopkins, Clemson, University of Washington St. Louis … probably in the New Year. But at least he has an acceptance to his very favorite place from his epic College trip this summer.

Third Big News: Youngest son had a lovely season of cross country – continuing to be very fast in spite of his small size. He did manage to grow 2 inches from June to October, but is still fairly small. However, he is still a leader on his basketball team and was asked to practice and play on his school’s high school team as well – even though he is still in 8th grade. He is an amazing ball handler, and no one sees him coming. He steals the ball and has it down the court before anyone notices.

The boys birthdays have all come and gone – they are 21, 18 and 14 now. Wow…

I have cousins though that are just starting families – so I get to knit for little ones still. Here are some pics of a recently finished sweater for a Christmas gift…. seriously ridiculous yarn – but so cute. I am usually a pure wool, cotton or linen type – no novelty yarn for me. But this was so fuzzy and soft. Hope the baby likes it!

IMG_0594 IMG_0595 IMG_0596 IMG_0597

More information at my Ravely page: http://www.ravelry.com/projects/Theflock/baby-jacket

2 thoughts on “Hello there… still alive….

  1. My turn to get an update going. It is amazing how time moves as they get older. My girls had almost finished her first semester at college and is so happy. University of Vermont and Burlington is a wonderful place! There’s even a Waldorf school nearby so he could go on a lantern walk if he gets homesick 🙂 hah.

  2. Well, you sound ok about your son moving out, which is good. I hated my children going, though they did tend to come back for a while before they finally went. It all passes so fast, the mothering bit. Sigh.

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