Part 1 – Epic Snow

Snowball candle outside dining room window...
Snowball candle outside dining room window…

For the southern United States, we had quite the winter. We had a couple of weeks where we went to school for 1/2 a day and then didn’t see students for a week. Then another 1/2 day, and another week off. We even had a Saturday make-up day that got cancelled due to “inclement weather”.


The boys had a great deal of fun with the snow. It was easy to pack – there were snow forts and snowmen and giant hay bale style rolls of snow.


IMG_0800This is the middle son inside the snow fort made by rolling enormous hay bale rolls of snow and then forming them into a 4 sided shape.

IMG_0794This was more fun with snow – as the middle son, soon to be college bound, used his car and his creativity and a bit of red food color to create this gruesome snowman scene…

IMG_0793.JPG (2)

But the best part of these 2 weeks is that I just let go – I let go of grading papers and marking Mathematics IA’s – I stopped writing lessons – and I just enjoyed what is probably the last time Eli and Cooper will ever get snowed in together. It was great snow for playing, and that is what we all did.

IMG_0779IMG_0778IMG_0792We had time for lovely walks in the woods and by our pond – covered in ice and snow. We had time for cups of tea and days in pajamas and sleeping in past 7. It was the best time – even if we do have to go to school 20 minutes longer every day for 3 plus months to make up the time – it was worth it. Thanks 2015 snow – you were the best ever!IMG_0798

IMG_0809.JPG (2)Boosting younger brother onto snow roll…

IMG_0814.JPG (2)The man about the place on a giant snow roll….

IMG_0814.JPG (2) IMG_0816.JPG (2) IMG_0815.JPG (2)

And of course, at some point, the rolls fall over… sooo very heavy, this snow!

IMG_0817.JPG (2)


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