We are in the midst of the goodbye’s –   last class with my current IB seniors. Last final given to my IB juniors. Senior awards night. Baseball banquet….  Those events are now behind us, but the week ahead holds more – IB Goodbye picnic; graduation itself; and the graduation party; 8th grade transition/”graduation” for the youngest as well.

At these moments there is a tendency to not have much time to breathe – so much crammed into a small space of time. But I am trying to take a moment to savor it. I know all too well how quickly time has flown, and how it tends to just keep speeding up. I have long come round to missing the late night rocking/feeding sessions with my babies, the fun of the toddler years and storytime at the library, etc. etc. So fleeting, now long gone.

Pride can take lots of forms. For us, there are some things we could care less about, and others much more important.


First – the middle child was honored at the Senior awards night with National Honor Society cord, International Thespian society cord, and Spanish Honor Society cord. He also gets an IB Stole and a white tassel representing the fact he in in the top 10% of his class. Valedictorian? No – could care less. But that he worked really hard? So proud that he chose to work hard and that he knew it was important to his future to make sure he had opportunities in front of him.P1250426

He was also an athlete. Three years varsity baseball. Valuable contributor to his team. And as a senior, a real leader. Someone coach could count on to run fall workouts, spring practices. And still contribute batting and pitching to the team. So I was so proud when he got the big award at the baseball banquet – Heartbeat of the team.


He may not have had the biggest bat – and his pitching record got him an honorable mention in the conference – but the fact that he was a reliable, dependable, hard working member of the team that LEAD his team – that to me was much more important. Those are life skills he will need in every other area of his life going forward.

Last pb and j of the year, made by dad.
Last pb and j of the year, made by dad.

One very busy week ahead – to celebrate all the transitions, and the hard work, of my sons and their teachers and the village that helped us raise them – it should be fun!


One thought on “Pride…

  1. Well done to your son, though what you say is very mysterious to a British person. Cords and stoles and tassels… valedictorian… ? I do have some idea what baseball is… though only vaguely! Ah, two nations divided by a common language, as someone said (Bernard Shaw?). Anyway, it all sounds great. Even the pb and j, whatever that is! Enjoy your holidays.

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