It has been a long time…

There was a time when I blogged regularly : changed the theme to reflect the seasons; sometimes scheduled posts to appear throughout a week; took copious photos and uploaded them and made sure I added them to my blog.

But over time, more of my photos went into my instagram account – no idea how to move them here. Days were packed with work and boys, and lists that never quite got crossed all the way off. A quick note on facebook, a photo on instagram with a short note – that was all I could manage.

I used to do lengthy Advent posts and document our holiday activities. As a young mother and then later a very busy mother, writing it all down seemed to 1) confirm I was accomplishing something and 2) help me keep track of life as it blurred by. At some point I have cried “uncle” and given up a bit – but I can still visit this space a re-live many happy memories.

So, since I last posted:

  1. We survived graduation, and the party that went with it, and the Eagle ceremony. Then the hubbler and middle child went to Guatemala with the school Spanish club to work for Safe Passage, and the youngest went to Boy scout camp, and I had a staycation.
  2. Youngest made the High School Summer league baseball team and many very hot baseball games were attended. Middle son worked and started to get ready for college. This required going through his stuff, and the youngest’s stuff and sorting through years of stuff – and giving the upstairs a bit of a makeover. Fresh paint in the common room, a redo for the youngest’s room, and a clear out of the middle son’s room – and all the exercise equipment moved to the oldest son’s room.
  3. The time came to take the middle son to college on August 10th. I survived – but barely. We then became a family of three at home – and that was also an adjustment. Cooking for 3. Only one kid’s schedule to keep up with. Only one kid to tell to empty the dishwasher. Only 3 people to wash for.
  4. The hubbler had my office redone. It was a hodgepodge of used/free furniture – and he had it professionally done by a friend’s company. I barely got moved into it before school started. It is very very lovely to be all organized and have it look pretty.IMG_1206
  5. We hosted a 50th anniversary for my inlaws at my house. A ton of planning, cleaning and cooking – for a ton of people. P1250912IMG_1260


6. School was in full swing for September and October. At the end of October, we finally saw our middle son again. He came home, bringing friends, to attend the NCState vs. Clemson football game. We became diehard Clemson football fans and watched a lot of Saturday football games on TV. We are not a TV sports watching family – so we watched more games this fall than the entire 25 years of our marriage. Oh yeah – we had our 25th anniversary – which we didn’t celebrate really, because we were throwing a 50th party and school started all the same week. Ugg.

7. Some knitting was done. IMG_1228

Hat designed by middle son, in his new college colors – duly made so he would be warm at school. At all those football games.


Icelandic wool knitting project for me. Details on ravelry.

8. Thanksgiving brought the middle son home again. And then he was back for finals. We got on with December which just blurred by. Middle son arrived home with a buddy on the 12th – we finished up school on the 18th – and it has been a blur of cooking and cleaning and visiting since.

That brings us to today. We took down the tree and decorations, and then I realized I never really took pictures this year. We have a couple of days left before middle son leaves to start semester 2, and youngest and I return to school. Youngest is running winter track, so I have been getting him to and from practices while we are on break – thankfully the school is very close at hand. January will bring his first final exams, and much marking for me. But that is the worry of future weeks. This week is still the time to enjoy, relax, visit, and eat with those I love best.

Thanks for stopping by to catch up. I hope to do better in 2016. I shall put it on my to-do lists….IMG_1325


2 thoughts on “It has been a long time…

  1. Why, hello! I’d assumed that you’d gone the way of so many bloggers, just awayyyyyyyyyyy. Happy to see you back! That is very impressive knitting. Happy New Year to you and yours.

    1. Happy New Years to you as well – I haven’t gone away – I just mostly have a few minutes to read. I always drop in to see what is up with you and your children and grandchildren!

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