Winter finally arrived

Here we are, at the end of January already, and winter finally decided to show up. We had an early hard freeze, in October – but then all signs of winter disappeared. We had a very warm Christmas, and then ugly things happened. The lilacs and gardenia and azalea tried to bloom! The forsythia had yellow blooms and there were a few blooms on the plum tree. Not good, not good at all. And I have no idea what this means for spring when it finally arrives. So now we have had a week of hard freezes and even some snow that melted within a few hours – but decidedly more wintery and seasonal.

915f1301-d3bc-44df-9214-c3f78a0f2d13 I am finally able to wear my newly knitted Icelandic wool sweater – it is lovely and warm and soft. Getting it done and off the needles has inspired me to clear out some other things “on the needles” and so I set a January goal of finishing a couple of very old projects.


I started these socks in November 2012. I chose to cobble together several patterns, and it took me a while to get sock 1 done – then I couldn’t remember how I made it, so sock 2 ended up being a series of trial and error. Not terribly difficult when all was said and done, just not something easy to cart around in a car or at a game. Socks don’t take all that long to knit, so it is a bit embarrassing that it took me over 3 years for this pair! But they are being worn now – yeah! Ravelled here:


I started this sweater even longer ago – in fact, it made its blog debut here:  –  and it is much the same story. I would set it down and not get back to it for weeks – and then find I hadn’t properly written down where I had stopped with the cables – and then make a mess of it, put it away because unknitting and reknitting takes quiet concentration and not something one does at a ball game. But I am determined it shall be done by the end of January.  Ravelled here:

So I am plenty busy indoors with knitterly things and final exam marking and keeping a 15 year old boy fed (gracious, he may be the only one home but he is a HUGE eater, but the smallest of my three guys!) Let winter do its thing.

e8271b66-e1e6-42d1-89f9-7148bdcaab9f (Well, there is this on the dining room table. With the weather so warm in early January I started getting the itch. I HATE starting seedlings – they take so much care – and usually I just plump for plants when the time is right. But I gave into dreaming of summer tomatoes, and so I have started some from seed. Let’s hope we can keep them alive until May!)


One thought on “Winter finally arrived

  1. I’ve had enough of winter now – even though it’s been very mild most of the time. But I want to get out and tidy up the garden! (Not plant tomatoes, though. Not a fan.)

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