I cannot really account for February – it went by so quickly. We did not have a ton of snow or wintry weather days this year – so we have been plodding back and forth to school as normal, which has been rather exhausting.

Youngest wrapped up his winter track season with a lovely improvement in the 55 metre hurdles. And then he tried out for the baseball team, and made it – and so now we are going to practices every day and have had the first 2 games. Both games quite cold, since baseball season, considered a spring sport, actually begins well before spring gets here.

782303d1-1d2a-4213-bc7a-477ebc5811eb The tomatoes are growing nicely.

f29f0ac3-56d0-4e1e-b86e-137d2cb385a8 The camellia continues to bloom. So many winters end with frozen blooms that never open – this year there has been an abundance.


16dc3734-1bf2-4fde-8852-14f9d7df4c0cThe man about the place turned a year older, so we had apple pie and a fajita dinner the weekend before the actual birthdate – and then we watched the youngest play in his first high school baseball game on the actual birthday – they won, so it was a lovely gift.

bd98c8ad-712c-4a09-9e13-0293d8da341d A new project has been started as well – after completing my sweater and sock, I felt I could move onto something new. Tonight it will keep me company as I watch the last episode of Downton Abbey. Sigh.

One thought on “March

  1. Hello, it’s lovely to see so many posts that I hadn’t noticed! It’s also lovely to read about someone else finding the emptying nest difficult – so many people do the “oh, I raised them to fly” thing, which of course is very noble, but not how I feel. I raised mine to live independently, but nearby… and circumstances made this not happen in 2 out of 3 cases (well, partners). Ah well. You have a sweet family and your posts are very cheering. Happy anniversary!

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