Easter 2016

This was the weirdest Easter on record, and a sign that my boys are grown.


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  1. The middle son did not come home for the weekend – he is 4 hours away at school, without a car, and had just been home for a week of spring break – so he didn’t choose to come home again for the weekend. I really wish we had better train transport here –next year he is taking his car, so maybe that will change how often he comes home. Doubt it, but I live in hope.
  2. The eldest spent the day working and with his girlfriend. Easter is not quite the same as Christmas, and therefore many shops are still open. So he was at work, and then at his girlfriends, and they did stop by in the evening for a short visit.
  3. The youngest had baseball tournament Wed, Friday and Saturday. So baseball, baseball. He has more baseball this coming week, (it is Spring Break – so no school, but lots of baseball). And he is wanting to build an electric vehicle. He has been looking for a good base car to turn into an electric vehicle – read cheap, cool enough to be seen in, and light enough to convert. He and the hubbler found THE car about 2 hours away, and this Sunday was the only day everyone involved could get together and transact the car purchase.

Therefore, no Easter Egg hunt – first time ever. They were up at dawn and on their way. It may have been a 2 hour drive there – but then they had to get the car dolly and buy the car and load it and trailer it back. So they were gone from 7 – 3:30. Me – I stayed home and cleaned house and knit in what turned out to be a very very rainy, slightly gloomy day. And I baked hot cross buns since I had not been able to do that Friday while I was watching baseball.

My car hooked up to be towed home

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It wasn’t as melancholy as it sounds. Spring break for a teacher is often filled with need to do and want to do items. The week will fly by. So it was good to get some deep cleaning done at the same time as some pottering about, without that heavy feeling of “gotta get it done before Monday work comes”.

We did enjoy some family time over dinner – tuna casserole with salad – and then our hot cross buns. When I think of years past with a big meal and church and egg hunt and all, this was really rather relaxing and nice. And basically, it is what it is. Enjoy the moments we have together when we have them, and enjoy the freedom that comes with not being driven by a small child’s schedule while I have that – my new mantra.


One thought on “Easter 2016

  1. The same for us. Our oldest had to fly back to college on Easter and we had to leave early to get her to the airport. Youngest stayed home and snap chatted bereft photos of eating hot cross buns alone. She then joined a friend for their Easter dinner and Nels and I ate alone!

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