Knitting Project Bags…


Used some scraps and made a knitting project bag!

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I just discovered the joys of knitting podcasts. I had listened to some on my iphone while weeding, but never watched one.

But then a blogger from the good old knit blogging days did her first podcast: Celtic Caston. It was fun to watch and drink a cup of tea while I paid bills or tidied my office or filed papers. And somehow that led me to a couple of other blogs and another podcast: Betsy Makes which I also thoroughly enjoyed. And both bloggers mentioned project bags.

Coincidentally, a friend and I met up and went to the Carolina Fiber Fest in Raleigh.  We enjoyed wandering the stalls and being amazed by how many local farmers are “growing” fibers of some sort. (Okay, raising fiber animals really, although there was some flax!) And again, I saw knitting project bags.

And then I saw the tutorial….    and I thought – I NEED TO MAKE ONE OF THESE.

So I did! I managed to have some scraps, and a zipper that would work. And on Sunday morning, the last day of break, I whipped one up.

6e0bb296-7cc7-4450-83b2-e7960c1fac19  (Having so much trouble with picture size. This is why I have recently been using my Instagram account. Sigh.) Anyway, I have a collection of vintage zippers from my grandmother – but this one ended up being too long, and being metal, I would not be able to cut it to size. So I went with a red one – still vintage, but polyester , and therefore easily cut down to fit the dimensions.

03080fd5-9e0a-4239-9c5b-33db5e786163Here is my finished bag. What a lovely tutorial – easy to follow and make something lovely happen. I did not have fusible fleece on hand – but I did have some fusible Decor bond which gives a stiffness/structure to bags.

cf5bf873-2208-4eae-b9d7-8756529b4d08 Still need to master the zipper insertion – actually, need to make sure I understand how the side seams fit into the pictures. I think I was meant to have 1/4 inch left over on both sides for the side seam, but I ended up with a bit more on each end and didn’t really think through what I needed to do with that.

01fc892a-7f2b-4cbb-9483-504b88ff6a21 But overall, I was very tickled with myself. And here is the football scarf for the middle boy, being put away in its project bag. Normally, stuff lays around on sofas or chairs, or gets bunged into my large knitting bag. But this way, one project and its components are all tucked away, not being kicked off by large boy feet when they sit on the sofa, or getting tangled in the bottom of the endless knitting bag.

88d01915-1701-49ea-a531-a0d016a42b4c Ready for whenever.

Many thanks to Celtic Cast On and Betsy Makes for sharing your talents and information and ideas. It gave me a creative twist for my spring holidays!

(Oh – if you aren’t into sewing your own, you can also buy them here:    Check often for shop updates – as you can see on her website, she has a great sense of color and style – I just love the fabrics she uses!)

Now back to regularly scheduled work. It is crunch time – 27 days until IB Exams are to start, so I will be busy poking and prodding my students to revise and prepare. 9 weeks until the summer holidays!


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