This week in review

Hmmm… what is up?

Cookie baking – for one son away at university. Next week is finals week, so I baked cookies and made a care package for him. And next weekend his dad will be heading out to fetch him home for the summer!!

This morning I took a nice walk along our river park to the post office. Thursday I stayed home from work due to a stomach bug – almost never miss school, so this felt weird. I slept most of the day. Then Friday was rainy rainy rainy – all those April showers you know. It rained hard into the night. So this morning, the sun is out, not a cloud in the sky, and I chose to enjoy it with a walk to our downtown.

Gorgeous morning for walk to post office and weaver street market.

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Stopped in to the market to say hello to the oldest son that works there. And then walked home where I face a quiet weekend because the man about the place has taken the youngest boy fishing a few hours north of here.

Sleeve progress..

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Being home alone means I can clean in peace and enjoy the clean, burn scented candles, eat when and what I like…. all nice and restorative, but also a bit lonely. And I am not in the mood to clean. So I may knit more on my latest WIP – need to get this one off the needles. Because I have a project for the hubbler – a cardigan made of fingering weight yarn (ACCCK!)

Yarn for Chris. Fingering weight sweater coming up- yikes!

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But there are also tomato plants needing planting, and a garden to tend. But it is very wet – better to wait until tomorrow on that. So I shall crank up the BBC Radio 4 Extra and listen to my favorite comedies (I can play them throughout the house – so no matter where I am – laundry room, kitchen, office, cleaning a bathroom – I can laugh and hear) while I do exactly as I please, and wait for my guys to get home.

Some garden snaps that make me happy :


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Balm to the soul…

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