Home Alone

This weekend the guys were all away. Next weekend the hubbler heads down south to pick the middle son up from his first year at university -and then we will be a family of 4 in the house again. And the week after the eldest son’s girlfriend will be home from school as well – so they will be by more often as well. So soon, the house will be buzzing again. So I tried to enjoy the quiet of this weekend.

I did manage some sewing. I made some more project bags for my knitting. In an effort to use up stuff I have, which includes using my grandmother’s endless supply of zippers, I attempted to modify the wonderful tutorial by Betsy Makes and make some larger bags.

I have all these 14 – 16 inch zippers from my grandmother’s stash. Most of them are very vintage – old metal zippers from 30s – 50s – so they cannot be trimmed to size. So I knew the bag needed to be wider. I also have several sweaters on the go, and wanted something larger for them. I also had several pieces of fabric gifted to me at some point. So I wanted to use those up.

Here are the results of my experiments:

More project bags complete…

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So first, there is the huge bag:

This fabric was a bit tricky to work with – given the stripes. It didn’t make sense to cut it down the middle to make the smaller bag. So I left it long. The bottom is the big blue floral part of the repeat. Positives: It is large – 22 plus inches tall. It will hold all the stuff for a sweater project I am about to do for my husband. And I matched the stripes one each side. The Negatives: It doesn’t really stand when empty. It can be made to stand, but the bottom is a bit small because I decided to use a 3 inch corner to make the bottom contain all the blue floral repeat. I was tempted to fold the top part over and put a button and loop to make a fold over top. But in the end, it is perfectly functional and is already holding all the stuff I need for the hubbler’s sweater.

After I made the tall one and decided I didn’t really want any more tall ones, I cut my fabric in half and made 2 smaller ones.

The large one has a green lining and I used scraps of it for the loops on the smaller ones. The smaller bags have purple lining. They have different colored zippers. The aqua zipper is a polyester zipper from the 70s. The other 2 zippers are metal zippers from way back – they have interesting rounded fronts where the end of the zipper pull ends up.

I ran out of the stiffener I used on the first bag and the tall bag. So these 2 smaller bags have batting scraps sewn in. The wide opening is nice, and makes these bags bigger than the original footprint or the first one I did. (original post here: First project bag)

So much fun to use up stuff I already had, and make some functional bags for holding my projects. Now to get back to knitting!


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