So – May is a month of finishing. Starting May 2nd, my IB Seniors will be taking their exams for three weeks. So I am effectively done teaching them. I still have 2 classes of juniors, but my workload is now cut in 1/2, which is nice.

The middle son had his last university exam on Friday evening, so his dad drove 4 hours to Clemson to pack him up yesterday, and today they will drive home, and the first year of University will be complete. I am excited to have him home – he is less so – after all he really enjoys his school and the freedoms of being away from home. But he will get over it and reacclimate to family life. I did send a care package for finals week – full of homemade chocolate chip cookies and other stuff. Now he can repay by helping keep the lawns mown – insert evil laugh.

So – May begins the ending of the 15-16 school year. The last baseball games of the season will be the next week. The last classes taught will be at the end of the month – and then June will arrive with finals and then freedom from teaching until August.Whew. Let the end begin!


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