The weather is warm and we are getting regular rain, so there has been a lot of mowing and weeding needing to be done. My fingernails are in a constant state of grunge – even if I wear gardening gloves.

Mother’s Day was a lovely weekend. The eldest and his girlfriend came by and cooked dinner for me Saturday night. Fried chicken, mashed potatoes, fresh corn, and lemon cake – all my faves. Sunday night the other boys cooked a lovely shishkabob meal. Boys went with me on my errands, and helped around the house, and they started building a picnic table for the yard, so we have a place outdoors to eat and even work/craft. I even got flowers. Such a lovely, and low key relaxing weekend it was!

And there's cake! Triple lemon!

A post shared by Robin Ray Lamb (@willowcaroline) on


A post shared by Robin Ray Lamb (@willowcaroline) on

This week my seniors took their IB Maths exams. Fingers crossed they did well. I get a bit of a break in the afternoons right now while the seniors take exams. Trying to use that time wisely to catch up and wrap up. We have 2 weeks of classes left, and then exams for all the rest of the students. June will be here soon.

Knitting continues in spare moments.

Sweater almost done – raveled here: Moonshine 2. Hoping to finish the button bands this weekend, and call this project finished.

Started some socks –

Sock knitting on a Friday night…

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Raveled here: Great Grey Owl Socks. So far, fun to knit – and distracting me from those buttons bands. Sigh.

And then there is the garden – I really should be out there, picking these and weeding:


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